Abhijeet Mukherjee is an entrepreneur from India who has built and ran a digital media / content business profitably and successfully for over ten years. The company's called Guiding Media and it owns a popular consumer tech site called Guiding Tech (GT) and several youtube channels under the GT brand.

In his previous avatar as a freelance tech and productivity writer (which was years ago) he has written for some top sites around the world, including some mainstream media sites like NDTV. He has always been interested in creating great digital content, like this Pixel review shot in Varanasi, a part of which was licensed by Google for its I/O conference.

He loves accumulating knowledge and insights about work and life through books, podcasts and videos. This site is an attempt to distill lessons and learnings from all that accumulated knowledge on a variety of topics.

The topics close to his heart are productivity, work, leadership, skill-enhancement, personal branding, finding meaning in your profession and doing great work.

Feel free to reach out to him on Twitter: @abhijeetmk and via email: me at abhijeetm.com.